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Thursday 16 December 2021

Dana and Hydro-Québec to make permanent-magnet EV motors in Sweden

Vehicle parts supplier Dana has announced that one of its business partnerships is planning to open an electric motor factory in Åmål, Sweden in late 2022. Called Dana TM4, the partnership joins Dana with Hydro-Québec to make electric motors for EVs.

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Wednesday 15 December 2021

Toyota surprise-reveals room full of 15 EV concepts

Toyota wants to help you keep your options open when it comes to battery electric vehicles. This was the message Toyota president Akio Toyoda kept returning to during a media presentation on the company’s BEV strategy today.

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Wednesday 15 December 2021

Canada threatens to retaliate against U.S. over EV tax credit

Canada is threatening to retaliate with targeted tariffs on U.S. goods if tax incentives for electric vehicles produced by unionized American workers aren’t removed from the Biden administration’s Build Back Better Act.

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Tuesday 14 December 2021

Ford announces 2022 Mustang Mach-E prices and features

As Ford’s CEO Jim Farley took to Twitter to announce a three times increase in Mustang Mach-E production, the company also alerted dealers that modest price increases and new packages would be coming for 2022 models. The California Route 1 edition also got a meaningful range bump.

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Monday 13 December 2021

BMW just hit 1 million electrified car sales, targets 2 million full EVs by 2025

BMW has sold its one millionth electrified vehicle (EV) – including purely electric and hybrid vehicles – and plans to reach two million sales of purely electric vehicles by 2025, the German carmaker said earlier this month.

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