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Wednesday 12 January 2022

How To Charge The Ford F-150 Lightning: Everything You Need To Know

According to Ford, 79% of F-150 Lightning reservation holders have never owned an electric vehicle before. To us, that translates to a lot of education will be needed with regards to charging the F-150 Lightning. 

To help out, we've produced a charging deep dive video specifically aimed at Lightning reservation holders - and anyone that really wants to learn about the basics of EV charging. It's a deep dive into not only the basics of EV charging but also all of the equipment that Ford offers to charge the Lightning. 

Three levels of charging

The video starts off explaining the three levels of EV charging:

  • Level 1: 120-volt from a regular household outlet
  • Level 2: 208-volt to 240-volt either from a 240-volt outlet or a hard-wired charging station
  • DC Fast charge (sometimes called Level 3): 400-volt to 900+-volt on public charging networks

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