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Thursday 9 September 2021

Zero Motorcycle on display at SVEM

Environmentally conscious bikers can rejoice: with the electric motorcycle, you no longer need to go through the gas station! Come and discover the Zero Motocycle at the Motoplex kiosk.

Although not often seen, there are more and more producers of electric motorcycles. At Motoplex, for example, the company is proud to count on Zero Motorcycle among the brands of electric motorcycles available on the market.

Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles, says he sells more electric motorcycles than all other manufacturers combined. This is what leads many to speak of Zero as the Tesla of the motorcycle.

$ 2,000 incentive

It should also be mentioned that the Government of Quebec is offering a rebate of $ 2,000 for the purchase of an electric motorcycle, which is not negligible either.

The driving experience

The experience of riding an electric motorcycle is significantly different from that of a traditional motorcycle. It is sometimes compared to "being on a flying carpet": the absence of noise and constant acceleration give the driver the impression of "flying" on the road.

It is no more difficult to handle than a traditional motorcycle, and since the electric motor does not have a transmission per se, the rider does not have to change gears.

Do not miss the opportunity to come and admire this electric motorcycle at the SVEM to be held at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal on September 17, 18 and 19.

All the most popular brands in one place

Consumers won't have to go to multiple locations as all of the most popular brands will be under one roof.

Road tests

Visitors will not only be able to see, compare, analyze, buy the different offers on the market but in addition they will be able to test drive around forty cars in the streets of Montreal from the exhibition hall but in addition they will be able to also test small vehicles on a track set up inside the hall.

Online discounts

General admission is $ 15 at the box office, $ 10 if you present your CAA-Quebec membership card. If you buy your ticket online, admission is $ 10 plus ticketing fees and you avoid having to line up at the box office.

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